Picking The Perfect Kitchen Sink & Faucet

Some things are just better together, especially in the kitchen. It could be a case of opposites attracting, like a black and white color palette or creamy and crisp flavors that blend just right. Perhaps it’s a pair of objects that together create a perfect combination of function and beauty. Either way, when the pairing is perfect, you just know it.

The perfect sink-and-faucet pair is the key to an efficient work space, defining the way you prep, cook, and clean up. The right products bring energizing color and engaging style to your kitchen, laundry room, mudroom and bar. Whether sleek and streamlined or steeped in vintage style, there’s a perfect pair for every size and type of kitchen. With so many options, though, how do you choose the right ones? Here are a few things to think about as you start to plan.

Consider Your Needs

Location. Which spaces in your kitchen, bar, or laundry room will need a sink and faucet? Maybe your kitchen could gain efficiency from an extra sink and faucet on the island, or a pot-filler faucet near the cooktop.

Material. Would you like a sink in enameled cast iron, stainless steel, or composite material? Each material has its own benefits and distinctive look.

Style. Consider which sink and faucet style and installation options will best meet your needs. Does your taste run more toward traditional looks, modern styles or somewhere in between? Do you like the look of a farmhouse sink? Do you plan to replace your countertops? If you do, you’ll have more options for your sink type.

Features. Have you considered additional components, like a sink that includes convenient accessories like basin racks, cutting boards, and colanders or a faucet with multiple spray options? There’s a huge range of features available that can help make your kitchen routines much more efficient.

Finish. Think about which faucet finish will best coordinate with the other elements in your kitchen. Do you like the look of stainless steel, a soft brushed nickel, or a rich bronze?

Check out two perfect sink-and-faucet pairings, designed to work together for maximum efficiency and stunning good looks.



The Prolific Sink and Sensate Touchless Faucet

This is truly one hardworking pair. The stainless steel sink has three levels, so you can place the included bamboo cutting board, grated racks, colander, and wash bin exactly where you want to suit the way you work. And the Sensate faucet is Prolific’s perfect partner, speeding you through tasks without spreading messes. Its high-arching spout is not only practical, it adds a sculptural aspect to any style of space. Together, this dynamic sink-and-faucet duo bring an ideal blend of beauty and brains to the kitchen.